How to Find a Pittsburgh SEO Company

Finding a well-qualified SEO company in Pittsburgh, Chicago, St. Louis or any midwest city can be a bit of work. However when you want to find an SEO expert, there are 10 things you need to look for in each firm. While it seems like a daunting task now, once you find your SEO company of choice, you can stick with them for many years and return to them for all the business you need done in the future. This means that as long as the firm is open for business, you will always have an SEO expert on hand when you need one.


The only way you can be an expert is to have years of experience under your belt. This means that you will want to find as many companies in your area with at least 3-5 years of experience as well as a large portfolio to show the work they have done and the amount of success each project has had with the SEO work they completed. When meeting with the companies that you have chosen, show them a few websites and see how long it takes them to figure out what SEO changes need to be done to help it gain more search engine traffic.

Understanding SEO Levels

There are three levels of SEO, there is technical, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. A good SEO company will have a high level of understanding in each of these three parts. The technical level of SEO is understanding the structure of the site as well as knowledge of the ease or difficulty a search engine will have crawling and indexing your content. On-page optimization pertains to the use of keywords and HTML tags that help increase the search engine traffic. And finally off-page optimization with consists of building links. If you have a SEO company with only knowledge of one of these parts, they aren’t going to have the knowledge to do their job properly.

Proven Track Record

It is easy for a company to feed you a line of fluff, but it is much more notable when they can bring you a list of previous clients as well as proof that they have honestly improved these client’s sites. Most companies like Gotch SEO will provide you with a list of references that will back up their stories of their success in optimizing the search engine traffic to their client’s site. They may also provide you the links to these sites so you can see for yourself the amount of work and dedication they poured into their work for it to be the success they say it is.

Savvy Marketing

One you take away the techy stuff from a website, all you will see is the SEO. This mostly contains old-school marketing techniques which outline the benefit to the customer or reader and pushing a sale. This must be done in a way that is tasteful and appeals to the people that are reading the information on the site to seal the deal. When a SEO company provides you with information about past successes and you look at the SEO content that they used, you should want to buy into whatever the website is selling for the SEO company to be worth its weight in gold.

Knowledge and Perspective

Knowledge and perspective are huge when it comes to SEO as it requires a lot of different parts. According to Gotch, the company you hire should have knowledge and understanding of today’s marketing techniques as well as the culture of the people they are targeting. Since technology has advanced dramatically over the last decade or so, marketing has split into many different areas, it is good to have an SEO company that understands these things.


The final parts of a qualified SEO are simple, they need to understand the big picture, have the capability to fit into the culture of your own company, possess excellent communication skills, have a passion for execution, and possess a curiosity for knowledge. Though these last few things need no explanation, they are the final 5 things that a qualified SEO company should possess. If you can find a company that possesses all 10 of these characteristics, you shouldn’t need to find another SEO company to provide you with search engine optimization.

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